Hurray for us! 30 km down! 105 to go.

(Originally posted October 1, 2016)

Hey guys. So, we’re in Oakville! We walked 30 km today but it feels like 100. I’m not in that great shape, I guess.

To remind you why we’re walking, here’s a bit about G and M:

G and M are a married couple in the United Arab Emirates. They are Syrian and are facing expulsion from the country which could come any day now. G’s work Visa has been cancelled and they are now accumulating monthly fines for overstaying their welcome. If they go back to Syria, however, they will be walking into a war zone and G faces possible detainment and torture because he has been a critic of the Al Assad regime, and of the revolution. G and M don’t have anywhere else to go.

G says, “I raised my voice when the revolution started against Assad regime, and raised it against the political opposition when they failed to unify and present a proper replacement of the regime, and of course against ISIS and alike being a dangerous and brutal evil.”

G’s father was arrested in 2012, taken to prison and tortured for a week. He died a few weeks later.

G says, “I believe it was due to severe emotional stress resulted from his arrest and torture, my father was buried without proper funeral and without his two sons attending. We couldn’t attend because we were afraid to return to Syria, knowing for sure that we will face arrest and unbearable torture.

G and M can’t go back to Syria because they will be targeted by the Al Assad regime. They are also afraid because being Sunni born will make them a target of the Alawis and Shiite militias.

We have already sponsored two of M’s family members, who arrived in Toronto with their two-year-old daughter in July 2016. We were blindly matched with them by the United Church, and we could not have asked to be matched with better, kinder, and more motivated people. Helping their family is a natural extension of this match, as their family is now our family.

That is why we’re walking.

We’re tired, we sore, we’re emotionally frazzled, but we’re OK.

We’ve come 30 km and we have 105 km more to walk.

Please share this effort, donate, help us raise awareness.

WE CAN’T DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR PARTICIPATION. Without that we’re just two idiots and their kid walking to Niagara Falls.

If you believe in this effort, please help. If you consider me a friend, help because you like me as a person, and that’s what friends do. Same goes for David. He’s pretty cool too.

For more information go to the homepage.

Thanks y’all.


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