People who give to charity have more sex says SCIENCE


(Originally published October 3, 2016)

People who give generously to charity have more sex than selfish, stingy people.

 This is according to recently released research from the University of Guelph and Nipissing University.

CBC reported that Steven Arnocky, lead research on two studies at Nipissing looking at how altruism affects a person’s desirability – and found that selfless people have more sex than less altruistic people.

In the first study, participants aged 18 to 33 self reported their altruistic behaviours, such as how often they donate money to charity, or help strangers to push a car out of the snow.

“Altruistic individuals reported more lifetime sex partners, more casual sex partners, even more sex within their romantic relationships,” Arnocky said.

But as we all know, self reporting isn’t always reliable (“I’m SUPER generous and I have TONS of nooky! I swear!” – Uh huh. I believe you.) So, in a second study, the researchers conducted a behavioural test of altruism.

Participants were told their name would be put in a $100 prize draw for their participation in the study. At the end of the survey, the participants were given a chance to keep the money, or to donate all or a portion of the money to a registered charity.

“Again, those individuals who were actually willing to donate had reported more sexual behaviour, more casual sex partners, and for men, more lifetime partners,” Arnocky said.

This makes sense to me, even though, as Pat Barclay, psychology professor at the University of Guelph, noted, “it contradicts, you know, the popular wisdom that nice guys finish last.” (Though there are times when they should finish last ifyougetwhati’msayingandithinkyoudo.)

Generous and kind people are attractive, and more fun to have sex with than self absorbed people, obviously.

While they didn’t find a causal relationship proving that being generous will necessarily get you more action, Arnocky says it probably won’t hurt to be a little more generous.

“It’s always good advice to behave altruistically, it can only benefit you,” Arnocky said.

This is a real actual study and totally not at all something I made up to get you to donate to Walk Like a Refugee.

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