This is what it looks like when you’re leaving Aleppo


(Originally published September 28, 2016)

Amir and Noor told me about how they got out of Aleppo, and part of their story involves crossing this road, the bus station passageway of the Al Hajez. The road lies between two worlds, one side of which is controlled by the Assad government “and on the other side is freedom,” Amir explained to me.

People who remain in Aleppo often cross this road every day, even twice a day, “because on the Aleppo side there is no food,” so they go to the other side and come back with provisions. And when they cross, daily, by the hundreds, snipers shoot at them, randomly picking them off. I’ve seen it called the “path of death” or “death crossing.”

“I saw two people die when we ran,” Amir told me. “A woman handed me her baby because she couldn’t carry him across.”

Noor was pregnant at the time.

I think it’s important to see what people are living through around the world, so I’m posting video of the Al Hajez passageway from Ugarit News.

Be aware that the following video shows people being shot at by snipers, frightened children, and graphic imagery. So, don’t watch it with kids in the room.

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